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Do you have a section in your library for patents research?

I'm trying to find the patent library and I was linked to your site.
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Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, the library's Patent and Trademark Resource Center is unavailable while the Central Library is closed (we're moving to a new building over the summer). However, we do have an online guide available at that has helpful information about patent searching. I particularly recommend that you download and review the 7 Step U.S. Patent Search Strategy Guide (PDF), which will walk you through the steps of using the index to the Manual of Patent Classification to identify classes and subclasses that are relevant to your search.

If you would like to speak with staff at a Patent and Trademark Resource Center or make use of PubWEST (an advanced online patent search tool), the next closest one can be found at the Los Angeles Public Library. Please note that PTRC staff are not registered patent attorneys or agents and cannot do a patent search on your behalf, recommend specific classes/subclasses for search, or provide opinions on the patentability of specific inventions. Nevertheless PTRC staff can assist in showing you how patent searching is done.


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