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Throttling Internet connections to 60kBytes/sec.

Have expereinced at various branches and now at the re-opened OB branch as well. Seems to be a fixed limit not related to number of Users. Is inadequate for video more than low resolution (eg slow YouTube). Also, before I was able to upgrade a Linux laptop within a 3 hrs or so, now at 60kBytes/sec would take more than a day. Request that limits be relaxed and/or throttling be more dynamic to allow for faster speeds when the network is little used. Thx
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2012  |  78 Views
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According to Library,  there isn’t any bandwidth limit set that low. For example video & music is set at 500 Kbps which is good for standard video not HD. We need more info see what may be going on. If this is going on while you are at the library, please inform the staff.

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  1. 60 kBytes/sec is approximately equivalent to 500kbits/sec (note capitalized vs not capitalized B). For whatever reason, many videos define SD (Standard Definition) as 600kbits/sec which is more than your throttled limit.
    by Tony on Dec 24, 2012.

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